About me

Bordeaux 2013_73Born in Berlin/GDR in 1987.

Thanks to my family and climbing passion traveling to foreign places became a main interest in my life. Since I was 13 the local AlpinClub in Berlin took us on trips all across Europe. In 2004/05 I was lucky and eager to experience an exchange year in the state of Connecticut, US.

Before and after, I was exited to participate and succeed in regional and national sport climbing competitions. Having worked for about five years as an instructor and route setter at a climbing gym (t-hall.de), I made lots of connections and further plans that would include that exact evoked passion.

After graduating back in Berlin, I started learning spanish and collecting donations for an NGO (weltweite-initiative.de) that would support me and 80 other volunteers fulfilling a year abroad. Together with four great people we ended up sharing a house in the second biggest mexican city Guadalajara. Helping out in an orphans home and a youth center in the slums.

A year has passed. Yet I didn’t make up my mind what I would start studying when I’d return back to Germany. The decision: traveling Latin America for 100 days, visiting 15 countries. “How was your trip?”, was the most frequent question I’ve heard when I came back. Had an incredible time!
Certainly, I was interested in speaking foreign languages, interacting with people and tourism/travel in general. That lead to a highly professional hotel training management in a luxury hotel in Berlin. Those studies had been amazing and exhausting at the same time. With the diploma in my hands I felt enough to take off .. again. Having slept very little after many stressful days at work and still not missing those amazing parties in Berlin, I had the desire to focus on rock climbing, new places and people. So here I am globetrotting …


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